Glenn Beck Is a Mormon — Unfortunately

December 11, 2009

I have watched Glenn Beck on Fox a couple of times. I have to say, that he doesn’t make me proud to be a Mormon. He makes me squirm, with his divisive rhetoric and derisive commentary style.

I’ve watched Bill Maher a couple of times, too. He doesn’t make me squirm quite as badly, Read the rest of this entry »


So What Goes into Mormon Culture?

October 23, 2009

If the above question has never entered your mind, this may not be for you. Or perhaps it may be time you thought of it… The short answer is, that if you’re a Mormon, your lifestyle is Mormon Culture. The long answer:

One interesting piece that has been referenced and reviewed on the ‘Nacle is the Slate article about Mormons as prospective preservers of America (the idea and the constitution). It’s as good a starting point as many others. If you look at the things that are proposed, we are supposedly: Read the rest of this entry »


August 8, 2009

I am not sure, who came up with the word “Bloggernacle”, but it’s been around for some time (not as long as yours, truly, though). The word brings up over 500,000 results on a Yahoo search and, for a change, some fewer on Google. Anywho, as I inferred before, I am not that fond of the word itself. Go figure why.

The meaning is obvious, seeing that it describes Mormon-themed blogs. More interesting is who uses the word, and why? Lately, I have noticed more and more people using it somewhat condescendingly. And yes, there has been a sense of “jumping on the bandwagon” phenomenon, with people left and right starting blogs with not much more purpose than Facebook status updates. Who wants to hear from 5 million people, that they “have a headache today”? Yeah, and I realize here I am writing a blog post telling you things about Mormons. Well, you can read or not read. Be well advised to filter what you read. Read the rest of this entry »

The Mormon Internet

July 29, 2009

What is the Mormon presence on the Internet? I did a quick evaluation just now, and Google Search gives approx. 8.7 million results for the word “mormon”. Of the first ten, you have Wikipedia, and then pictures of mormons in temple garments and, naturally, shirtless missionaries (technically, they weren’t photographed shirtless when they were “Mormon Missionaries”, but who cares about that?). There’s Britannica, too, which has come a long way since printing the “Mormonism Unvailed” stuff with no source criticism.

However, go further, and you’ll notice, that at least a significant portion of that stuff falls into two categories: People, who are critical about the Mormons and want everyone to know just how rotten we are — these we call anti-mormons, and they’re either rabid atheists or “witnessing” Christians for a large part; and people, who think Mormons, just like everybody, who take religion seriously, is  stupid, and they want you to share in their ridicule. I have been online for 20 years, and have seen many phases of this phenomenon. I’ve even participated sporadically. Read the rest of this entry »

Who The Hell Is Stephenie Meyer?

July 27, 2009

I am guilty here of blatant riding on someone else’s rep. Sorry if you wanted to find out something serious about the highly esteemed author, whose name I take in vain in the Title. Or if you were looking for the irrepressible irreverence of, this is not it.

(See, I managed to insert my quota of “clever” alliteration with “irrepressible irreverence”!) Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the Mormon

July 27, 2009

I am not intending this very seriously, but as long as I’m celebrating my 30th anniversary as a latter-day saint — AKA Mormon — this year, I am trying to analyze what is what under the hood. That is, culture more than dogma. This first real post is meant for you to know where I come from.

Okay, so there I was, all of 19 years old. Did you ever know a 19-yo who didn’t think he (usually it’s a he) had the world figured out? Well, I did and didn’t. I’ll try to ‘splain what I mean. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, World!

July 27, 2009

Or at least I think this is going out.

Testing, testing, one, two, three. Set your sights on the Evil Empire. Go ahead, make my day. You feel lucky, punk?

So if you put something on the back burner, and let it simmer long enough, what do you have? A good chili? Delicious stewed rabbit? Let’s see.

I used to read the “bloggernacle” — a term I solemnly swore never to use… go figure — a lot, but now I barely have time to skim the froth on the top. And that’s what it is: Froth.

To be perfectly honest, I am a little concerned what the frothing-at-the-mouth people are going to think about some things I’m going to say, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn after all…

So you noticed I’m using certain quotes that the “over 30” crowd is more likely to recognize than the young’uns? I am honesty trying to pop up in random googling.

Have you done random googling? Or try any of the other search services. One of them apparently is called “Bing”? Or is that just another lame Micro$oft attempt to appeal to the hip-hoppers?  (Use a catchy name from a hit TV show that ran for 10 years, and has been gone for years?) It’s about as lame as other M$ attempts to look “cool”. You won’t be surprised to hear, that if and when I use Windows, it’s usually virtualized these days. Some software is dorky enough to require a monopoly OS to run, and if I have to do it, I’ll do it; gritting my teeth.

How did I get to M$? Dunno. By the way, tons of great music free of any copyright issues searchable at Creative Commons, which has done a great Search Engine Aggregator, IMO, á propos. I guess you could call it that.

Anywho, about teh “bloggernacle”… Lots of people, lots of noise. But what does it all mean? You’ll have to wait until something plops up on the pot that’s on the Back Burner.